Knitsley Sewage Treatment Works

As part of the Water Industry National Environmental Programme (WINEP), we will be installing chemical dosing plant (ferric sulphate and sodium hydroxide) and a new tertiary treatment stage to enable the site to meet the forthcoming phosphorous discharge consent. The improvement works will cost around £4m, and it’s one of 27 sites within the NWG region to receive this upgrade. Phosphorous is a nutrient and can cause algae to grow in watercourses, reducing biodiversity and river water quality.

Update by Charles Harman

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our team and project.

I am Charles Harman, the Northumbrian Water Project Manager, and I will be looking after this project through to its completion. The project will be delivered by Northumbrian Water’s delivery partner Galliford Try. 

Starting from mid-February 2024 we will be carrying out construction works at Knitsley sewage treatment works to add additional treatment processes to further improve the water quality of the Smallhope Burn, a tributary of the River Browney. The works should all be completed by March 2025. 

As the project develops I will keep you informed about our plans and progress by sharing our proposals with you on this portal. I am very interested to understand your views. 

The team will post regular updates throughout the construction phase of the project, and if you have any queries or want to make us aware of any additional assistance you require from us then please use the ‘Contact us’ button at the top of this page or post on this feed.

If you prefer a telephone conversation or require any further information or advice, please contact our Customer Centre on 0345 717 1100 or visit to request a call back from the project team.

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