Rainwise Project for Redcar looking at protecting communities from future surface water issues using local sustainable interventions where possible.

Update by Peter Greenan


As an update is due for this project I’d like to share the most recent progress to date with the Rainwise Project in this area.

We’ve looked in more detail at a number of Risk Areas that we were identified in the first stage of this project where most flood risk benefit could be realised; these areas include the Castle Road Area and the area around Mo Mowlam Memorial Park.

Measures we have considered  have included an offline storage pond, highway drainage separation and several lengths of upsized sewer pipes in the Mo Mowlam Memorial Park Area.  In the Castle Road Area we have considered a separate highway drainage system and sewer to divert the flows to an existing surface water sewer.

The options are 'high level' at the moment and have been risk scored in our prioritisation process; we will confirm the likely timescales for further detailed investigation work shortly.

Once we confirm the opportunity to carry out some work, to help reduce the risk of flooding, we will seek your views.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with me using the "Contact us" button at the top of the page or leaving a comment below. Alternatively our customer centre will be happy to speak to you on 0345 717 1100 .



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