Project Pipeline: County Durham and Tees Valley

This work will boost the resilience of supply links between our reservoirs and treatment works in Teesdale, and parts of central and southern County Durham. Our investment will increase reliability, reduce leakage and provide high quality drinking water for customers for decades to come. This phase of the project - Phase 1 - will construct a new replacement pipeline from Lartington Water Treatment Works to Gainford and a new strategic transfer main between Whorley Hill SR and Shildon SR.

Update by Karen Alexander

Good morning,


I spent Tuesday morning doing one of my favourite things, working with small children! My workshop at Ingleton Primary School was about safety and we talked about how to avoid accidents and the role of a first aider. We learned how to ‘read’ some important signs and we looked at some of the big pieces of plant we use on the job.  Their minds are so receptive at this early age, so the lessons will probably stay with them for years to come.

I also talked to them about the important new pipeline we were building, that would bring fresh, clean water into their homes. One of our compounds and pipe storage areas is very close to their school at Ingleton, so they were keen to know more about that we were doing. I left each of them with their very own hi-viz tabard, which they all wore with pride.

Kind regards

Karen Alexander

Farrans’ Community Business Partner

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