Project Pipeline: County Durham and Tees Valley

This work will boost the resilience of supply links between our reservoirs and treatment works in Teesdale, and parts of central and southern County Durham. Our investment will increase reliability, reduce leakage and provide high quality drinking water for customers for decades to come. This phase of the project - Phase 1 - will construct a new replacement pipeline from Lartington Water Treatment Works to Gainford and a new strategic transfer main between Whorley Hill SR and Shildon SR.

Update by Karen Alexander

Good morning,

Despite the difficult weather conditions in recent weeks, our excavation work at both the East and West shafts has been continuing well. We dig out one metre at a time and reinforce the walls with concrete segments which fit together and form a ring one metre high. We have only approximately 2 metres left to dig in both shafts. I took the  photograph below peering carefully into the West Shaft which is currently 30 metres deep.

Our construction team ‘ride’ in cages hoisted by a crane to reach the bottom of the shaft several times a day.  I also tried out one of the cages for size last week (and I was very glad it was stationary at the time!).

Once both shafts are complete, the next stage will involve drilling a tunnel to connect the two, so that the new water pipeline can be taken across the River Tees. I’ll be bringing you updates about that exciting milestone in the near future.


Karen Alexander                                              

Farrans’ Community Business Partner

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