The construction phase of this project is now complete.

There may still be updates, so the project will remain here. We are still monitoring the project and will reply to any comments. So if you have any questions please feel free to comment or contact us here.


Dilstonhaugh Sewage Pumping Station

Together with our partners Interserve, we plan to carry out work at Dilstonhaugh Sewage Pumping Station (SPS). The project represents a £2 million investment which will see a civils upgrades with new mechanical and electrical equipment installed in the SPS. We are working closely with Interserve our supply partner to make sure any disruption is kept to a minimum. If you are going to be directly affected by our work, our site team will let you know in advance. Typical working hours will be Monday to Friday, between 7:30am and 5:30pm. We'd really like to hear from you if you have any queries so please get in touch using the 'Contact us' button at the top of the page or leave a comment below. Simon Cossar NWL Project Manager

Project updates

Update by John Young

Removal of Old Chemical Dosing Tank

TDCL decommissioned the chemical dosing tank by flushing and cleaning, it was then diluted and dispersed in to NWL existing wet well with NWG approval. TDCL then employed a specialist subcontractor to safely remove the tank from site for disposal at specialist facility.

Installation of new chem dosing tank and shower

Further to the removal of the existing tank, TDCL installed and commissioned the new Chemical Dosing Tank and Shower unit.

Valve Chamber Lid Install

TDCL appointed subcontractor Technocover to install the security rated valve chamber lid.  With TDCL installing a concrete surround for additional aesthetic finish and additional security.

Tie in new pipework to existing rising main

TDCL excavated to formation and installed the requisite pipework, from there TDCL subcontractor UTS attended site to break in to existing rising main via hot tap to complete connection.

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Update by Chris Wilson

Hi everyone,

Quick update of works completed so far in 2022:

  1. Pipework installed to the inside the valve chamber
  2. All offline electrical works complete
  3. We have decommissioned the chem dosing tank and removed the existing brickwork bund and moved the tank from site.
  4. Installed the steel framework for the new chem dosing kiosk will be situated (Installation of kiosk to commence in February)

Works are progressing well and we hope to begin our final drainage / civils works this month.

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Update by Chris Wilson

Hi everyone, apologies for the lack of updates recently, this is due to recent staff changes.

Since our last update the site has changed alot with all aspects progressing well. We have completed the new wet well and valve chamber with the pipe install to the wet well and VC will be completed this week so we can proceed with installing the Valve Chamber lid and casting in the new year. The MCC base has been cast, MCC kiosk installed as well as the MCC itself along with associated electrical cabling. An isolator has been installed to back feed the MCC kiosk for heating from the old station, which was shut down as planned this week and waste was tankered to Broomhaugh STW. Our electrical installers have now installed most of the building services and works are progressing in line with programme.

We will provide further update in the new year.



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Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello everyone. Our site teams have completed a lot of work since my last update. I want to tell you about the good progress that we have made. The works at the Dilstonhaugh site have progressed very well over the past month. We have started constructing the new shaft. Progress is good and we have alrady installed six of the ten precast concrete rings that make up the main structure. We will start the mechanical and electrial installation once the shaft is constructed and is water tight.

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Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello everyone. The site teams are moving into the next phase of the project. In this update, I want to tell you about the works that our sites have started.

We are preparing to start the "shaft sinking" operation shortly. This is a major element of the work that we are carrying out during the pumping station refurbishment and upgrade works. These works will take about three months to complete.

The new shaft is approximately 5m in diameter and 10m deep.The shaft will consist of a cofferdam, collar and rings. There will be a 2.3m base at the bottom of the new shaft. The shaft will be constructed using a "push and dig" method.

We will not be using a dewatering system on site to manage the water table at the shaft sinking location. The excavated material will be excavated below the water table and allowed to dry out on site before it is taken off-site.

Our management team are ensuring all the covid-19 controls are still in place. We are supporting the NHS campaign of "Hands Face Space" on site. We have a number of hand sanitising stations and there is a policy of wearing face masks in the office and site where a social distance of 2m cannot be maintained.

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Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello everyone. In today's update, I want to share the progress we have made and give you a quick overview of the programme of works.

We have almost completed the site preparations in advance of the main works starting. We have removed some of the permanent fencelines to make room for the works. We have secured the site boundary with temporary fencelines. 

The works at the Dilstonhaugh pumping station will increase the capacity and storage of the pumping station. We will also upgrade the existing building, dry well and wet well. 

We will start the shaft sinking operations in a month's time. These works are high risk operations and will be closely monitored. We are currently agreeing a safe system of work for the shaft sinking operations. We will install new pumps and pipework inside the shaft. We will be building valve chambers at the pumping station. 

We will be installing a new motor control centre (MCC) unit and we will connect the new pipework into the existing infrastructure. These works will be carried with close co-operation with the Northumbrian Water management team. We will also be installing a new chemical dosing system at the pumping station.

There is a lot of work to do. We have a challenging programme and we have made a good start. 

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Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello everyone. In this update, I want to share news on the site operations we are currently working on and the good progress that we have made.

Our site teams are finishing installing the site boundary fenceline. This will open more work faces for our site teams. 

We have started constructing work platforms for our cranes. We will be completing a number of lifting operations during the course of this Project.

Works are progressing well. We are currently carrying out some enabling works and we will be starting on the first intrusive operations in the near future.

Our site works will not affect the nearby walkway that is very popular with our local community. All pedestrian routes will remain open to our local community.

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Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello again. I today's update, I want to let you know about the next phase of our works at the Dilstonhaugh pumping station.

We will start the construction of the new deep shaft. These works will be completed by our specialist partners. This operation will then allow our site teams to start the mechanical and electrical works on site. 

We will complete all of our works at this station without disrupting access to this popular stretch of the River Tyne. Our neighbours can continue enjoying the walks on the south banks of the River Tyne.

We will not be taking up any space in the adjacent car park. We have constructed our own car park and storage areas to the west of the car park.


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Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello everyone. In today's update I want to tell you about the progress we have made over the past week.

We are ready to move into the next phase of the works. We will be starting the underground operations soon and will be constructing a new shaft. 

We will be upgrading the existing pumping station and our teams will continue with the civils, mechanical and electrical works.

We have established the site and have erected "goal posts" at the overhead cables. This will help machine operators and vehicle drivers notice the presence of the overhead cables.


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Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello everyone. I want to update everyone on the progress we have made at the Dilstonhaugh site over the past couple of weeks.

The site team has set up the site compound and stores areas to the west of the existing car park at Dilstonhaugh.

These works will not affect the use of the public car park or access to the nearby walkways. Our works are contained inside the new site fenceline.

We are getting ready for the next phases of the project. These will start shortly.

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