Fontburn Water Mains Upgrade

Northumbrian Water are working to improve the water network in the Bedlington and surrounding area. The work has been divided into various phases and will be carried out by both Northumbrian Water and Esh-Stantec. This work will include: the maintenance of existing assets (valves) and the installation of new assets on our strategic water mains from Fontburn to North Tyneside. Other works will include the de-commissioning of some existing water mains predominately in Bedlington area, and the installation of control and monitoring equipment across the general area mainly at Northumbrian Water sites. These improvements will contribute to greater control and monitoring of the water network in maintaining supplies for the future.

Update by Christine Taylor

Good morning,

Please accept my apologies for the lack of updates, I am sure you will all understand that the Covid 19 lockdown has thrown us all.

Anyway we are nearly back to normal, with our 2m social distancing still in place.  Our team are currently working on the grassed area close to Elm Drive and Demesne Drive, we have been there for approximately 2 weeks and our work continues.  Today we have started working on Allgood Terrace, at the junction of Stead Lane.  Our team only expect this work to take 1 week, however we will be returning in due course.  Residents will be notified priort to us returning.

If anyone requires any further information, you can contact our project team on 03457 171100 or simply by commenting on my post.

Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe.


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