Horsley Water Treatment Works Upgrade

A £46M project to upgrade Horsley WTW has now reached a key milestone. We have selected our partner Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB), to upgrade the treatment works.

Meet the team

Mike Foster

Mike Foster

Project Manager

I'm Mike Foster, the Project Manager for the Horsley Water Treatment Works Upgrade project.

The upgraded treatment works is a £46M project to increase the resilience of Horsley WTW improving the reliability of the treatment process and the ability to support our network that supplies clean, clear drinking water that tastes good to the Tyneside area.

I have 25 years of experience in the water industry, mostly as a project engineer and project manager in our Asset Delivery department. I will be a key contact for the whole team to ensure we can deliver this significant investment on time with solutions that meet our needs both now and well into the future. Whilst we must comply with a wide range of rules and regulations I am keen to ensure that we undertake this work with minimal disruption to the operation of the existing treatment works and the community we are part of.

If you have any concerns over the work we are carrying out or if you would like further information on the project - please get in touch, I’d be happy to provide more details on what we are doing.

Alan Willoughby

Project Sponsor

I have also 25 years of practical experience in the water industry, most of which as a manager within water treatment. This combined with my background which is electrical engineering and  a degree in Environmental Science provides a sound base to guide and support the project team in the delivery of the Horsley Phase 2 project.

When I became the manager of Horsley WTW in 2006 I wanted to make a difference. Since then I have been working closely with internal and external partners to ensure that when completed the upgraded Horsley WTW will provide a resilient  and sufficient supply of clean, clear drinking water that tastes good.

David McDermott

Water Supply Area Manager

I am responsible for the Tyneside and Rural North operating areas in our Water Supply team, this included Horsley and Whittle Dene water treatment works (WTW).  This includes overall accountability for the total operational results from the WTWs including water quality and quantity and all other aspects including; safety, quality, cost, delivery and people. In this role I lead the teams to ensure the operational plans are in place to deliver leading water quality efficiently to our customers. 

My role in the Horsley upgrade project is as project user. I will be working with the project team to ensure our tactical objectives are met for the area and collaboratively with the technical support team to ensure the project sponsorship is robust and supportive of the site team. As asset owner I will receive and hold responisbility for the operational results of the new works from the project team on its completion.  

Sean Brown

DoosanInterserve Joint Venture Manager

I am the Doosan Interserve Joint Venture manager based on site in Horsley. I have worked on Civil Engineering Schemes in the North East Region for the past 25 years. On this scheme I was involved in the tendering process and during the construction stage will be responsible for a team of designers, engineers, managers and subcontractors who with the assistance of the Northumbrian Water Project Staff are providing the specialised skills required to construct this scheme. We are all looking forward to delivering this major upgrade at Horsley. My role is to ensure that the construction of the scheme is carried out as safely and efficiently as possible and  impacts as little as possible on the Village and the properties neighbouring the construction site. We are providing construction updates via Northumbrian Waters Community Portal and we would welcome anyone with queries or concerns regarding the scheme to visit the Site Offices on Water Lane where we would be happy to discuss.

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