Johnson Street, Gateshead

Johnson Street Gateshead - Overflow Screening Northumbrian Water is looking to improve the resilience and enhance the performance of the sewer network in the Gateshead catchment.

Update by Christine Taylor

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, even though the weather wasn't great?

Our site team understand that the work they are carrying out impacts on our customers.  To try and minimise this impact this week they are changing the site fencing to solid panels and fitting acoustic matting within the excavation.  We hope this will reduce levels of both noise and vibration.  Our project team understand our customers may feel the vibration from our works, we would like to take this opportunity to reassure residents, I have copied over the information provided by Ian Davison (Project Manager) on a previous post.

British Standards give guidance on the level of vibration above which building can suffer cosmetic or structural damage. There is a significant difference between feeling the vibration and the onset of levels of vibration that will cause damage. Although we understand that our customer would become concerned when they suddenly feel vibrations in their home. I would like to try and provide some guidance to put your mind at ease.

For residential buildings, the standard states that for cosmetic damage (cracking in plaster work etc.) is likely to occur when the peak particle velocity exceeds 15 mm/s. This Standard recommends that a conservative threshold for cosmetic damage should be taken as a peak particle velocity of 10 mm/s. The monitors installed onsite have been set to alarm at 10mm/s should they alarm proactive intervention will be taken by the site team.

As our work progresses the team will be lifting the cover slab on site.  This may mean that customers will experience intermittent odours in the air, please do not be concerned.  If you wish to discuss this please contact me via this portal or on 03457 171100.

Thank you all once again for your patience and understanding.


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