Murton (Berwick) Water Treatment Works Upgrade

As part of our ongoing investment programme and to ensure the highest level of customer service, we are planning to extend and improve the existing Water Treatment Works at Murton, near Berwick. It is intended that the new works will be located adjacent to the existing buildings. The main construction work commenced in late 2018 and is due to complete in June 2020.

Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning Everyone,

Here is this month's update........and all considered we have progressed really well. 

Treatment Building        -      The off-line commissioning has started and is currently being tested. All the cabling has been substanticially complete as well as the security system.

Contact Tank                 -      So as to not clash with other works the waterproofing planned for the roof has now been put back to June.

Pumping Station            -      All the security work is complet and the fire security installation is to be commissioned soon.

Pipe Work                      -      The service main wain pressure is to be tested and all other pipework is 100% complete excluding the tie-ins to the raw water and potable water valves.

External Work                -      50% of the kerb line is complete and most of the foot path and the back filling of minor excavations.

As you can see, (photos below) the staffing levels were reduced due to the COVID-19 restrictions however we have ploughed on and made a great deal of progress. 

Again thank you for your co-operation during this time, we will be requiring a road diversion again in the next 2-3months (dates to be confirmed) but I will keep you posted for how long and the dates.

Stay safe.

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