Otterburn, Rochester and Byrness WTW

Together with our supply partner, Mott MacDonald Bentley, Northumbrian Water is planning to replace the existing water treatment works at Otterburn, Rochester, Byrness as part of its ongoing investment programme. The old water treatment works will be replaced with a new modern high quality treatment systems to ensure the highest level of water quality and customer service for now and for the future.

Project updates

Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning,

It's been a while since my last update..........

Jason and the team are on commissioning now and half way through...commissioning will be done by 17th November and then the 2 week proving period starts.  We should be fully operational by the end of the first week in December then we commence decommissioning the existing works.

So great progress!

Don't forget if you want to ask anything about the project please feel free.

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Update by Joan Tatters


A few more photos of the new building.......

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning,

I'm presently at site and catching up with Jason.

Since the last update the building has been delivered and successfully installed, currently the team are ongoing with connections for drainage, duct work and incoming supply. The weather hasn't been on our side that said it all went well.

Plans going forward the guys are gearing up for the electrical installation and then leading into the commissioning period of the works.

Here are a couple of photos and have a look at the videos

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning All,

I have received an update from Jason, this weekend we are planning to work Saturday and Sunday, 3rd and 4th August between 7am and 7pm.

We don't normally work weekends but to keep us on track regarding the programme we, along with our colleagues at Northumbrian Water agreed it would be effective to do so to keep to schedule.

During this time we will be taking delivery of the new units for the building, once on site the team will commence the assembly and fixing the items to the ground base.

There should be no real disruption to you only the short time on the roadside outside the works whilst delivery takes place. That said if you are out and about please just be that little more vigilant if you are passing our site as your safety is paramount to us.

Thank you again for your patience during our work, we really do appreciate it.

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning All,

All considered and taking into account this crazy weather, Jason and the team are really making headway.

They have now created an excavation for the new building, putting in the stone base, then tonnes of concrete to reinforce the support. The mounds of surplus has been removed to make way for the installation as well as a crane pad adjacent to the works in prep of lifting in the new building.Things are starting to take shape!

Have a look at the photos.


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Update by Joan Tatters

Well Good Afternoon,

Just thought I would update you as to where we are with the project.

Things are ticking along quite nicely at the moment, the team have just about complete the site set up and access points and the traffic lights have been removed. The guys are currently cutting into the ground in preparation of the new building, I have attached some photos. In the coming weeks the installation of the trench supports will continue and we will then move onto the base slab.

We are making every effort to protect this beautiful environment even down to the solar panel generator (SolarPod) for energy needed for site.

A beautiful part of our region!!!

As things progress I will drop in some photos so you can see how it's all coming together.


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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning,

I just thought following on from Hedley's blog I would take this opportunity to introduce myself and the team from Mott MacDonald Bentley. (MMB).

We are the contractors who will be delivering this project and we are all looking forward to getting started. In the first few weeks you will notice a little more vehicle movement around the area, this is to get the site compound set up before the work commences. There will be signs and notices in and around Otterburn, confirming our presences so please be that little more vigilant whilst we are there.

So, here are the team:-

Lee Cox                           Contract Manager who will oversee the project and the team

Jason Sweeney               Site Manager, he will look after the day to day operations

Jordan Garside                Site Engineer, working alongside Jason

Joan Tatters                    Customer Liaison Officer, who you will handle all your questions and queries.

I've attached our photos so you know who we are and we will be erecting a "Customer Information Board" on the edge of the site to keep you informed. You always have the opportunity to ask us any questins via the portal, so please do not hesitate.

One last thing, if you see any of us in and around the area, please come and say "Hello"



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Update by Hedley Young

Hi everyone,


I’m Hedley Young and I’m Northumbrian Water’s Project Manager for the work we are planning to carry out at Otterburn, Rochester and Byrness Water Treatment Works (WTWs) over the next two years.


Each of these three existing WTWs will be replaced with new plants incorporating the latest technology.


This is a significant investment to ensure that local communities can continue to enjoy the highest levels of water quality and customer service for many years to come.


Work will begin at the Otterburn site next month, moving on to the Rochester and Byrness sites next year. Those of you who live locally will have received a letter letting you know of our plans and we will be giving regular updates here as work progresses.


We’d like to hear your views on this work and any queries, comments or concerns you may have. You can get in touch using the ‘Contact us’ button at the top of the page and a member of the project team will get back to you. We’d love to hear from you.

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