Otterburn, Rochester and Byrness WTW

Together with our supply partner, Mott MacDonald Bentley, Northumbrian Water is planning to replace the existing water treatment works at Otterburn, Rochester, Byrness as part of its ongoing investment programme. The old water treatment works will be replaced with a new modern high quality treatment systems to ensure the highest level of water quality and customer service for now and for the future.

Project updates

Update by Joan Tatters

Morning All

Here are some photos from last weeks snow storms........

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning Everyone

Well the weather has been a challenge to say the least in this part of the region, thankfully the weather has took a more pleasant turn.

We are awaiting commissioning for the sites at Otterburn and Rochester and all being well both should be in service by the Spring.

Byrness site up is starting to get there, although the weather hasn't done us any favours since our official start date on 25th Jan so we are a little late in introducing the haul road.

Don't forget to ask me any questions you may have about the project, I'd be happy to oblige.


Oh, Jason has promised me some beautiful photos, so watch this space.

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning,

I am guessing by now you will have noticed our presence along with our colleagues from Northumbrian Water in Byrness Village. 

Jason and his team are working between all three sites now, Otterburn, Rochester and Byrness now although their main site set up will remain at the Rochester location. It is business as usual for us during this crazy time so it is likely you will notice our guys on a daily basis.

Commissioning is currently progressing at Rochester which gives us the opportunity to "crack on" at Byrness. The ground works start next week (although some clearance work has already happened) and we will be working until the Autumn making every effort to ensure our impact is kept to a minimum.

Our team are a great bunch of lads and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the project however, please be aware of the social distance rules during this pandemic. Or, you can always ask me on the portal :).


Stay safe.


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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon All,

Just a little note to say the commissioning at Rochester will start January next year and the clearing work at Byrness will hopefully start around the same time.

Some of the team will still be working at Christmas time to ensure things are keeping ticking over during the festive season, so if you happen to seem them please say Hello (socialling distance of course) as I think they will probably need it.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, we wish you a very Merry Christmas from the project team and Best Wishes for 2021 to everyone.



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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning Everyone,

Here is a little montage of work the guys have been doing outside the new building at Rochester.

Still lots more to do before the commissioning process commences, all being well before Christmas.


Hope you are all keeping safe and well

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon

Just thought I'd share the video of the delivery of the new treatment works building at the Rochester site. Jason and the team took delivery last Thursday and decided to take advantage of the good weather and get it into place on the same day; after which it will take approximately another month to prepare before commissioning.

I've add a few photos for you to see, please feel free to ask us any questions you my have.

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning

Last week Jason and the team did some great work in the gardens of Otterburn First School. For a while the school had wanted their wildlife pond building but just wasn't able to dig the hole so after a chat with Amy and the Head we agreed to build it for them, they had all the materials which was a bonus. This was back in February but we had numerous storms and the ground conditions were not great, then we have covid-19 which proved another barrier hence the delay.

However last week we eventually got the pond built, here are are a few photos and whilst there is still some drying out to do and a little further landscaping I think the children will be so pleased to see it on their return to school today. We did a tidy in the planting area too.

I'm sure the children will find a lovely place for their new friends as well.



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Update by Joan Tatters


Jason and the team have been taking advantage of the great weather.........

  • Otterburn is about complete, all the final modifications are done and now just going through the final testing before everything goes into service
  • Rochester is progressing along nicely, the base slab was poured yesterday in preparation of the new building. The team are continuing with concrete slabs for the new electrial kiosk, the genrator slab and CO2 kiosk. Then they can start the pipework and ductwork.

Here are a few photos.


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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon,

By now you will have notice our team are currently setting out the area to commence the work for the treatment works.

Jason and his team (the same crew as Otterburn) have arranged the ecological sweep of the site, commenced the site set up and widened the existing entrance road and are currently stripping and stoning up the site. All this in preparation of the site set up and the installation of the welfare facilities. Progress has been good, due to the good weather, however adhering to the government guidance on COVID-19 has and will continue to be a challenge.

The team will continue to following the guide lines so we respectfully ask should you approach any of our team when you are conducting your daily exercise please me mindful of social distancing.

Just a couple of photos for those who haven't been able to see in person our progression.

Don't forget to ask me any questions about the project, I'd be happy to help




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Update by Paul Wood


Hello everyone,

I’m Paul Wood the Project Manager for the Otterburn, Rochester and Byrness water treatment works project. 

I’m pleased to let you know that the new water treatment works at Otterburn has been constructed. We have had to delay making the works operational as a result of the current situation with the Coronavirus.

This means that our plans to demolish the old works and complete the site infrastructure for the new works will be delayed. 

The existing water treatment works are continuing to operate as normal and there will be no impact on your water supply.

We have also recently written to the Rochester village residents to confirm that the works at Rochester which started on site on 1st April 2020 are to continue to go-ahead as planned.


We will continue to give updates regarding both the completion date of the works at Otterburn and the progress of the works at Rochester on here.


If you have any queries regarding the project then please get in touch.

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