The construction phase of this project is now complete.

There may still be updates, so the project will remain here. We are still monitoring the project and will reply to any comments. So if you have any questions please feel free to comment or contact us here.


Sewer Rehabilitation - Pollution

Northumbrian Water are working with our framework partners, Mott-MacDonald Bentley and Esh-Stantec, to deliver the programme of works to prevent pollution on the sewerage network.

Working in your community

We invest millions of pounds every year to maintain our sewer networks so we can keep the pipes flowing and wastewater is removed effectively from your home. We carry out sewer maintenance all year to repair the network using various technology and techniques including, lining the existing pipe and patch repairs. Also on occasion we need to dig up the existing pipe and replace with a new pipe. We recognise that, with this type of maintenance work, it can result in noise and traffic disruption which is difficult to avoid. However, we always endeavour to keep this disruption to a minimum and keep you informed through every step.

If we need to work on your property we will only do this with your permission at a date and time suitable to you. If there is any disturbance to your property we will make sure your property is turned back to normal and we will agree this with you before we begin and ensure that you are happy when we leave.

Please have a look at our guiding principles which lets you know in more detail what you can expect from Northumbrian Water and partners, whilst carrying out work in your area.

Work in your Community

Work in a business that supports your community

At Northumbrian Water, we work to make a difference in your community.

Have you considered a career that can help you do the same?

As well as the teams you see working in your streets, we have people doing a wide range of jobs that support that work to deliver the best possible water and sewerage services across the North East.

You can find out more about careers with Northumbrian Water and check out the latest vacancies by following the link below.