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Sherburn Upgrade

Starting in 2022, as part of a £12.9 million scheme, we will be carrying out essential work to improve the performance and flexibility of our wastewater network and wastewater treatment works in the Pittington and Sherburn areas of County Durham. The scheme will help to improve the water quality of the Coalford and Sherburn Becks, as well as the watercourses downstream. We are yet to confirm an exact date when the works will commence, however once we do we will contact you to ensure you’re kept informed and made aware of any possible disruption.

Update by Gabrielle Ward

Good afternoon,

It's been a while since our last update. Work is continuing to progress well at Sherburn, and you may have also noticed that things are a little quieter at Pittington.


I mentioned in our previous update that work had begun at the Chemical Dosing Area, this has been progressed over the past weeks. The site team have now poured the concrete floor slabs and spill apron which will allow the new dosing kiosks to be installed as planned next week.  
Steel fixing, shuttering and concrete pours have took place to the new NSAF treatment slab. Our subcontractor De Nora have now erected the three new NSAF tanks on site, with a future visit planned for them to undertake mechanical and electrical installations. 
The new Motor Control Centre Kiosk civils work is also now progressing. A pre cast concrete cable trench has now been installed and current works are underway to form the kiosk concrete base slab above; this will allow the kiosk to be placed and site wide electrical works to proceed in the near future.

I have attached some photos giving you a visual of the areas mentioned.


If you've recentley passed Pittington Sewage Treatment Works (STW) you may have noticed that the site cabins have been de-mobilised, and things are a bit quieter. This is because we have now successfully completed installing 3.4km of pipeline from Pittington STW to Sherburn STW. Although this section of work has been carried out, we wanted to make you aware that we will need to return later in the year/early next year to carry out the remaining work within Pittington STW. Once we have a confirmed date, I will be putting an update on here, so keep a look out!

In other news, as a thank you to the community for putting up with us, Northumbrian Water and MMB donated paint and painting materials to Pittington Village Hall, and spent the day painting the hall alongside some lovely volunteers from the village. Thank you to everyone who came along and helped, and also a big shout out to Jodie, the hall manager, for the bacon sandwiches! We had a lovely day helping to give this much loved space in the community a makeover.

As always, thank you for your continued patience. 



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