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Sherburn Upgrade

Starting in 2022, as part of a £12.9 million scheme, we will be carrying out essential work to improve the performance and flexibility of our wastewater network and wastewater treatment works in the Pittington and Sherburn areas of County Durham. The scheme will help to improve the water quality of the Coalford and Sherburn Becks, as well as the watercourses downstream. We are yet to confirm an exact date when the works will commence, however once we do we will contact you to ensure you’re kept informed and made aware of any possible disruption.

Update by Gabrielle Ward

Good afternoon,

Since we are now back at Pittington carrying out the remaining work, I'll share an update for both Sewage Treatment Works (STW).

Our work at Sherburn is continuing to progress well. As previously mentioned, the site team have carried out the work to the existing site area including pipework upgrades, weir replacement work and the filter bed arms have been upsized. All structures within the STW are now installed with the reinstatement works are due to be carried out including the footpath areas and roads within the site boundary. The new Chemical Dosing Systems are fully operational, and a new flow measurement flume has been built. The HSAF tanks have been cleaned and emptied ready to be removed from site. We are aiming to have the construction work completed some point during April, although a date is yet to be confirmed. I have added some photos for you to view of some of the areas mentioned above.

Over at Pittington, the team are commencing with the pipe connections for the new pumping station, this will then be tested and commissioned. This month, the flows will start to run from Pittington STW down to Sherburn STW. We will also be commencing with the reinstatement at the entrance of the works. 

As always, please leave a comment below should you have any questions and a member of the project team will get back to you.

Thank you for your continued patience.


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