Springwell Enhancements Project

Northumbrian Water proposes to construct a new underground service reservoir on land it owns off Mount Lane, along with related pipe work in the local area, in a £56m project to commence Spring 2023, following preparatory work on site. The proposed project will not only make the water supply to customers in Springwell Village and the surrounding areas more secure, but will also enable us to support the wider Wearside and South Tyneside areas with a more reliable and resilient water supply for many years to come. The reservoir would strengthen and future-proof the company’s existing network in the area, providing storage for around 50,000 properties in South Tyneside. In addition the new reservoir will enable us to provide improved resilience to the water networks to the east of Springwell Village, benefiting a further 200,000 properties in South Tyneside and Wearside.

Update by Sarah Jayne Parvin

We hope this message finds you well. Here’s our latest update on the Springwell Enhancements Project, highlighting some important developments across different sites associated with the project:

Reservoir Site Developments:

We're approaching an important phase with our next concrete floor pour scheduled for the 9th of April commencing at 8:30am, 310 cubic metres (around 40 truckloads) over the course of the day, once poured, power floating will continue through the night to ensure a smooth and durable finish. Due to the considerable scope of the pour, there’s a chance activities may extend into the early evening of the 10th of April. We aim to carry out this work as efficiently as possible, taking on comments from previous pours around flood light pollution, we will position the flood light mast in different positions.

Mount Lane Road Traffic Management:

2-way traffic management will be implemented from the 15th of April, leading us into a 4-week road closure for the reservoir inlet/outlet pipes crossing through Mount Lane to our main connection point South of the temporary compound. A diversion route has been agreed with Sunderland City and Gateshead Council’s, diversion route can be found here.

Further detail around diversionary routes for planned road closures at Peareth Hall Road and Springwell Road will be updated via our portal in due course.

Peareth Hall Road between 17/06/2024-24/06/2024 2 way TM will be installed then from the  24/06/2024 -12/07/2024 a road closure will be implemented.

Springwell Road, road closure will be on between 22/07/2024-18/08/2024.


Pipe Delivery:

Starting from the 15th of April, we’ll be receiving pipe deliveries to key site locations, these will be staggered to reduce the impact on the community.

1st Delivery Springwell Road set to receive pipes over six working days.

2nd Delivery Leam Lane are set to receive pipes over nine working days.

3rd Site compound at A195 area planned for nine days.

Eighton Banks:

Starting on the 8th of April, pipework will continue from the Bowes Railway pipeline tunnel into Galloping Green Lane's public right of way activity, progressing towards the Mount Community Centre then up to the rear of Thomas Street.

The next four weeks will be a critical period for this pipeline work. The completion of this phase will be a significant milestone, especially after facing unforeseen challenges. We recognise this path is a popular route for dog walking; unfortunately, an alternative route will need to be used while this activity is underway. We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this time.

As always, we are grateful for your ongoing support and understanding as we advance with these essential works. Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback.

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