Springwell Enhancements Project

Northumbrian Water proposes to construct a new underground service reservoir on land it owns off Mount Lane, along with related pipe work in the local area, in a £56m project to commence Spring 2023, following preparatory work on site. The proposed project will not only make the water supply to customers in Springwell Village and the surrounding areas more secure, but will also enable us to support the wider Wearside and South Tyneside areas with a more reliable and resilient water supply for many years to come. The reservoir would strengthen and future-proof the company’s existing network in the area, providing storage for around 50,000 properties in South Tyneside. In addition the new reservoir will enable us to provide improved resilience to the water networks to the east of Springwell Village, benefiting a further 200,000 properties in South Tyneside and Wearside.

Project updates

Update by Sarah Jayne Parvin

Hello Everyone,

As we continue to progress through the early months of 2024, good progress is being made across the site. On the reservoir site we are in the process of filling in the gaps between the pre-cast concrete reservoir walls and I’ve attached photos to give you an insight into the process. The inlet / outlet valve concrete chamber continues to progress and now that we have two cranes on site, further pre-cast walls are be placed into position as well as several columns to support the roof.

The concrete pour scheduled for the 13 February was delayed due to wet weather, but we managed to complete it on 14 February.

Our next concrete pour is subject to the progression of other works we need to complete on site, and I’ll update you again when we plan to complete the next pour.

At Eighton Banks, our pipelaying activity has met with unforeseen delays, notably the discovery of some uncharted services along our pipe route. This delay will mean that our work will very likely extend into the end of April in and around Galloping Green Road and Sandy Lane. Be assured that we will do everything we can to make up any delays as this is a benefit to both us and the community.

Traffic management will soon be in place from early to mid-March at The Mount Community Centre and the rear of Thomas Street, moving to the junction of Sandy Lane in early April to. Rest assured, we aim to keep disruptions to a minimum, with clear signage ensuring access to local businesses.

On the pipeline section between Springwell and Washington, work is moving steadily. We’re preparing for the arrival of cabins at our site compounds off the A195 next week, with additional setups expected at Pearth Hall Road and Leam Lane in early March. These satellite compounds are essential for the main pipe installation phase, which is set to ramp up from mid-March.

We’re thrilled to resume our drop-in sessions at the Cosy Café in Springwell Village community venue. Your feedback is incredibly important to us, so please feel free to pop by Thursdays between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm.

We are in the process of finalising dates for necessary temporary road closures required to construct pipelines, please keep an eye out for updates.

Your patience, understanding, and engagement with our project are greatly appreciated. We’re committed to keeping you informed and minimising any impact on your daily lives.

Stay tuned for further updates, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.

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Update by Sarah Jayne Parvin

Hi all, our planned concrete pour tomorrow has been postponed to Tuesday 13th February, due to the forecasted weather.



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Update by Sarah Jayne Parvin

Hi all, we are pleased to update you on the progress across the site. The concrete pour went ahead as planned on Tuesday 30 January and concrete finishing / power floating continued into Wednesday morning. This is specialist work that not everyone will be familiar with so for a closer look at this process, we have added a video of the concrete pour along with a picture of the power floating.

Depending on the weather, the second of our eight concrete pours in the northwest corner of the reservoir is planned for next week on Thursday 8 February.  

We have another planned concrete pour during the week beginning 26 February. Once we have a firm date, I will share this with you.

On the pipeline section between Springwell and Washington, we are continuing to make good progress with our topsoil stripping and haul road construction. The satellite compounds are beginning to take shape and we’ll start to receive on site materials needed for the main pipe installation and from mid-March, you may notice pipe deliveries into these compounds. Again, once we have further information on delivery schedules, I will share this with you. 

We're also excited to announce we’ll be restarting our drop-in sessions at the Cosy Cafe in the Springwell Village community venue following their recent kitchen renovation. These will start from Thursday 8  February between 11:30 am and 13:00 pm. Please feel free to pop along if you have any questions as we’d really like to hear from you.

In our commitment to maintain a clean and safe environment, several of our team members carried out a litter pick along the public rights of way between Leam Lane and Peareth Hall Road this week. We are dedicated to not only improving the infrastructure for all but also caring for our surrounding community areas. Pictures of this can be seen below. Please don’t judge Richard because he is a Westham supporter!

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue our work and will continue to make every effort to minimise disruption.

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Update by Anya Lowes

Hi All

We're pleased to announce that the second crane has arrived on site, marking significant progress. Alongside this, we experienced a minor issue with a cement mixer breakdown, and we hope this didn’t cause too much disruption and appreciate your understanding and patience.

Our concrete pour has gone ahead today, starting at 8am pouring of 400m3 of concrete approx. 50 truck loads over the course of the day. This will form the floor of the North East section of the reservoir.

Our pipe-laying work in Eighton Banks is pressing ahead. From Monday, there will be a closure of the bottom section of Galloping Green Road by the Public Rights of Way, as we progress towards the Wagon. Traffic management will be implemented when we reach the rear of Thomas Street. We will keep you updated as this progresses and share the traffic management plans on here.

For safety reasons, the Public Rights of Way along the pipeline route are currently closed. We have received some valuable feedback regarding improvements to alternative routes, which we have forwarded to Sunderland Council for review.

Your feedback is essential to us, and we're striving to balance the needs of the project with the wellbeing of our community. We thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.

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Update by Sarah Jayne Parvin

Hi All, todays concrete pour has been rescheduled to Tuesday 30th January due to the high winds.



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Update by Sarah Jayne Parvin

Hello everyone,

We received a question relating to concrete pour planned for next week, the question related to the potential for overnight work once the concrete has been poured.

As indicated in last week’s update we are forming part of the reservoir floor, these works are being undertaken in the North East corner of the reservoir site.

In advance of the works we have consulted with the Sunderland City Council environmental team.

The process can be explained as follows:

·       Steel Fixing (rebar) complete.           

·       Shuttering complete.

·       Aim is to mass pour 400m3 (equivalent to 50 + truck loads).

·       08:00am concrete mixers commence arriving on site estimate pour complete by approximately 18:00pm.

·       Power floating (a one man operated rotating power float rig) with six rigs through the night into the following day.

Once pour is completed, we then move onto power floating the concrete to a smooth surface finish.

Example of a similar project, concrete pour below.




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Update by Anya Lowes


Happy New Year to you all.  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break. As we step into the new year, we'd like to share some updates on the various sections of our ongoing works.


Carr Hill Inlet Pipeline

From Monday 15th January, we are back on track to commence and complete phases 1&2, the public right of way to the rear of The Mount will be temporarily closed as we continue these phases towards The Mount Community Centre and up to the rear of Sandy Lane / Galloping Green Road. As we enter phase 2, Galloping Green Road, traffic management will be re-introduced I will share a further information and detail here on this portal.

Please also note to help speed up these delayed works we plan to work most Saturday’s between 08:00am and 13:00pm.


Springwell Reservoir

Over the next three months, we will be forming the concrete floor of the new reservoir, this will require eight individual continuous concrete pours which take up to ten hours, the first of these pours is scheduled for the 22nd of January. The pours will commence at 08:00am and on occasions we will potentially be working through the night into the early hours. Please note through the hours of darkness we will have floodlights in place, you may notice low level background noise from the floodlight generators.

Our welfare facilities on Mount Lane will also remain open for staff during these extended shifts. We understand this may cause some disturbance and appreciate your patience as we complete each of the eight planned pours.

We will advise on the dates for the remaining seven pours as and when they are planned.

Furthermore also note, to maintain the construction programme, a second crane will be arriving on site within the next two weeks.


Springwell - Pikes Hole Pipeline

We're currently installing fencing, land drains, and undertaking topsoil stripping in this along the pipeline route.

A new access has been established off the A195, leading to an additional site compound behind Washington Football Centre.

At Leam Lane, we're creating a temporary access haul road from Leam to the pipeline working area.

We understand that these works can cause disruptions, and we're doing everything we can to minimise the impact on your daily lives. Your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated as we progress.

Many thanks


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Update by Richard Johnston

Good afternoon everyone, as the site team head of for a well earned Christmas break, I would like to summarise a year end project update.

The project is broken down into three distinct sections :

Carr Hill Inlet Pipeline 

Some may recall we broke these works, Sandy Lane / Galloping Green Road to Bowes Incline railway line into three phases:

Phases 1&2 have not ran to plan, we were due to complete this section in December, we have encountered difficulties with our pipe supplier, pipes are now on site, these two phases will commence when we return to site on the 2nd January 2024, it will take a few days to implement the works in this area therefore look out for the traffic management that we will have in place.

Phase 3, the trunk mains connection for the new inlet pipe, you may recall was planned for the 3rd January 2024, this would of involved the closure of  Sandy Lane / Galloping Green Road junction, again this has been postponed mainly due to ongoing operational issues further afield within our strategic water network, undertaking the proposed works at this location was deemed too much of risk, therefore these works will be rescheduled on a date to be agreed sometime in 2024, we will ensure that everyone is made aware of this revised date.

On a more positive note, the tunnel beneath the Bowes Incline Railway was completed we will complete the new pipe insertion early in January 2024.

Springwell Reservoir 

You may of noticed if travelling along Mount Lane that the reservoir is starting to take shape, thanks you everyone for your patience and understanding whilst we undertook the bulk excavation, we broke up 60,000 cubic metres of sandstone rock and led it away from site to Springwell Quarry, over a period of eight weeks this equated to at its peak 180 vehicle movements a day to and from site, dust and mud dependant on the weather was and remains a challenge to our site, a combination of mitigation measures, dust suppression, wheel wash and road brushing will remain through the remaining construction period.

Reservoir wall erection to the east and northern aspects of the site as you will have seen are slowly being installed, from the bottom up, the deep reservoir sump and now underground control building and outlet chambers are slowly being constructed, this will eventually be a two storey below ground structure, steel fixing and concrete floors pours  are well underway.

Inlet / outlet pipes to the reservoir are being designed with implementation of these works expected in the spring of 2024, look out for a notification in early 2024 of a road closure to allow these pipes to be laid through Mount Lane.

Springwell - Pikes Hole Pipeline

Works have progressed at pace on this section, land to the south of the compound where the new outlet pipe is to be laid has been fenced off and topsoil is being stripped, as has the land to the east of Springwell road where we have formed a temporary access route, in these areas we have resident archaeology watching briefs being undertaken by Durham University, we are working closely with Tyne & Wear County Archaeologist on the areas of interest and mitigation measures before the pipelaying commences.

Elsewhere along the pipeline route, in early 2024 we will be constructing access routes either side of Pearth Hall Road, look out for notifications of temporary road closures in 2024 whilst we lay the pipe through both Springwell Road and Pearth Hall Road (not at the same time). From Pearth Hall Road, the pipeline will hug land to the Northern edge of the A194 before crossing beneath the A195 finishing in and around Waterloo Road.

In summary, overall we are currently on programme to complete and have the new installations up and running by March 2025, followed by land restoration throughout the site.

Once again thank you everyone for your patience and understanding in 2023 as well as the year ahead whilst we undertake these works.

The site will be closing today returning on the 2nd January 2024, we will have security cameras operating throughout the site over the Christmas break as well as an our of hours emergency site contact telephone number 07970 173587.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Many Thanks 

Richard Johnston 

Project Manager 


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Update by Sarah Jayne Parvin

Hi everyone, here's our latest update. The snow today really brings the winter feel home!

Over the past few months, I've been regularly visiting The Cosy Café at Springwell Community Venue each Thursday. However, I'll be taking a break for the remainder of the year. But don't worry, I'll be back in the New Year, right after the ladies at the Cosy Café have their new kitchen installed!

At Eighton Banks, our pipeline progress hasn't been as quick as we hoped, but we're still on schedule. To maintain momentum, we'll be working extra hours - every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm until Christmas excluding this Saturday due to the weather conditions.

Important Notice: We'll need to temporarily divert the supply to The Mount. This means some properties might experience a brief interruption in service. If your property is affected, you'll receive a notification card well in advance. We're targeting the week commencing 11th December for this, and any disruption should last no more than 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Over at Springwell Reservoir, the delivery of precast continues, and we're making solid progress erecting the walls. This crucial phase will carry on into the New Year and beyond, steadily bringing the reservoir to life.

Great news about the Springwell Road entrance - started on 6th November and now it's complete! We've started fencing off our work areas and are getting on with topsoil stripping.

Your patience and support are greatly appreciated as we work through these stages. We're doing our best to minimise any inconvenience and keep you updated.

Stay warm and take care!


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Update by Sarah Jayne Parvin

Hi all

Just a quick update to inform you that the road works on Springwell Road have been extended till Wednesday 22nd November. Despite our best efforts, the progress in creating the new entrance has been slower than anticipated due to recent poor weather conditions.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate you patience and understanding during this time. 



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