Springwell Enhancements Project

Northumbrian Water proposes to construct a new underground service reservoir on land it owns off Mount Lane, along with related pipe work in the local area, in a £56m project to commence Spring 2023, following preparatory work on site. The proposed project will not only make the water supply to customers in Springwell Village and the surrounding areas more secure, but will also enable us to support the wider Wearside and South Tyneside areas with a more reliable and resilient water supply for many years to come. The reservoir would strengthen and future-proof the company’s existing network in the area, providing storage for around 50,000 properties in South Tyneside. In addition the new reservoir will enable us to provide improved resilience to the water networks to the east of Springwell Village, benefiting a further 200,000 properties in South Tyneside and Wearside.

Update by Sarah Jayne Parvin

Hi all,
Firstly, the team and I would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who attended our Customer Information sessions last Thursday. It was enlightening to see how perceptions can sometimes differ from reality. We’re committed to learning from this and enhancing our online and offline communications to help everyone visualise the final look of the reservoir site, and other work that will take place. The hope is to close the gap between engineering knowledge and the reality of what you will see around you as we continue delivering this project. I want to reassure everyone that the bare concrete walls you currently see will be covered with grass, and the banks will have a 1 in 2 gradient. For a clearer picture, we’ve added the visuals on the pages tab on the portal page featuring all the visual materials from the planning application, there are some minor alterations, such as the control building pictured. This was initially planned to be above ground but is now placed underground.

Project Progress
Eighton Banks
We acknowledge the frustrations caused by delays in this area, both to the community and our team. Originally, we hoped to reopen all footpaths and bridal ways by February, but this has not been possible. We sincerely apologise for this delay. The current plan is to complete pipelaying by the end of July. Meanwhile, we are exploring ways to partially reopen the footpath from the south side near the Engine Room up towards the old railway tracks to facilitate community access.

Reservoir Construction
Yesterday marked another milestone with the fourth out of eight concrete pours. Daily, approximately three roof panels are being delivered to the site. To stay on schedule, we plan to continue working Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm, which will include crane lifts to position the precast walls and roof panels.

Mount Lane
Traffic management notices have been extended until the 14th of June. Work to the edges of Mount Lane is still being completed. We are also addressing some settlement issues in the tarmac and plan to complete repairs within the next week. Additionally, you’ll notice tidying efforts along Mount Park Road in the coming week.

Pipeline towards Washington
Progress here is steady, we’ve completed approximately one-fifth of the pipeline installation. The Peareth Hall Road closure is now rescheduled to begin on the 19th of August and will last four weeks. We aim to maintain pedestrian access where possible, though it won't always be feasible. It's important to note that this closure only affects a specific section between the PROWs alongside the A194, not the entire stretch of road. Please click HERE to view the diversion route plan.

Also, a quick reminder that our road closure on Springwell Road, is scheduled to start on July 22nd for up to 4 weeks. Please click HERE to view the diversion route plan.

As always, we are grateful for your patience and understanding as we push forward with these critical infrastructure improvements. We will continue to keep you informed through updates on our community portal and direct communications.

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