Eels Regulations (2009) Compliance Project

We will be and are currently upgrading the following works to install new screens that are compliant with the Eels Regs 2009. Lumley WTW - (Works here are now complete), Blackwell RWPS - (Works here are now complete), Warkworth WTW - (we are also installing new pumps at the river water intake) , and Broken Scar WTW. The new screens will also improve the resilience of the works and protect the water supplies for our customers for many years to come

Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon All,

I just wanted you to be aware of where we are with the works........

We have been conducting some tests and trialling a new pump in advance of the installation of another new screen. There will be a crane arriving 16th September, however prior to that on the Saturday prior, (14th) we will need to prepare for it's arrival along with all the other subsidary works. The crane will be of a considerable size, actually 95T as the screens are huge. (as per my previous photos)

To reduce any impact on that Saturday we will work a reduced working day between 8am until 4pm.

Thank you again for your co-operation and understanding during this time, and don't forget if you want to ask us any questions please feel free.


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