West Wylam Sewage Pumping Station

Our experienced contractors: Interserve, plan to carry out this work from 7th January 2019 to 9th August 2019. This essential work will involve the refurbishment of West Wylam Sewage Pumping Station which is situated on Porterhouse Lane and installing a pipeline between West Wylam Sewage Pumping station and Prudhoe Sewage Treatment Works, this will be carried out Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm. If we have to work outside these hours we will let you know.

Update by Brian Hall

Hello everyone

We were lucky enough to find Great Crested Newts on our pipeline in Wylam Wood and so have ceased work down there for the next couple of weeks until the newts move off as the temperature rises. Meanwhile we have continued with work on the road bridge and on the playing fields.

Your may have noticed our sub-site by the allotments, we will have a presence there while we are working on the pipeline on the playing fields. We have laid a large temporary track on the playing fields so we can get our plant onto there for piling and excavating without damaging the ground. We have substantially changed our plans so the pipeline is kept away from the line of trees on the fields to minimize our impact on the landscape.

Please let us know if there are any problems or you have any questions about our work, thanks again for your patience - Brian




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