Wooler Wastewater Treatment Works

Install chemical dosing to improve treatment of flows and, in particular, to control the level of phosphorus discharges to Wooler Water, to the satisfaction of the Environment Agency. Construct two new radial Primary Settlement Tanks and ancillary equipment to improve separation of solids for removal by road tanker. Improvements to screening at inlet chambers, plus mid-pipeline pumping station and emergency generator to safeguard the Works in the event of a local power failure. Refurbishment of welfare building.

Update by Roger Smith

Good Afternoon,

Just following on from Joan's post, I thought I'd add a little more............

Progress has continued on site, and thankfully with few setbacks due to occasional downpours. Our main focus has been the construction of the two Primary Settlement Tanks , which are a combination of large pre-cast concrete components (you may have noticed some being transported to site) with poured concrete and reinforcement bars ‘stitching ‘ the sections together.  So- few setbacks ?  Yes, even though the excavations for these Tanks are much lower than ground level, occasional pumping has been effective in controlling groundwater levels, hence no unplanned interruptions.

Aside of the above, some new below-ground pipelines have been installed, and a new generator plinth to ensure the continuous running of pumps in the event of a local power cut. In the next few weeks we will commence the large concrete plinths to house the Chemical Dosing Kiosks , which are fundamental to managing the amount of discharge to the Wooler Water.

Lastly, many of you will have noticed the major earthworks adjacent to the road to Chatton. This is part of the proposed housing development , in which Northumbrian Water are not involved, aside of arranging the usual connections.

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