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One of our top priorities is to reduce the risk of sewer flooding to our customers. Through our surface water management programme, ‘Rainwise’, we are working with our partners and local communities by managing the amount of rainwater in our sewer network. We have identified two areas in Crook and Howden le Wear where we can control the amount of rainwater entering the sewer, reducing the likelihood of flooding or pollution.

Update by Loren Jennings

Good morning.

A customer in Crook on Wednesday asked me about all the paint on the roadway around High Hope Street.  This was almost certainly our engnineers using sensing devices to locate the position of underground utilities.  This is done with different types of metal detectors and sometimes ground penetrating radar.  This allows us to design a new sewer in a location that won't clash with other utilities, potentially causing interruption to your other services like electricity or telephone.

The team here at Northumbrian Water is in the process of pulling together letters to go around to homes in immediate area where we envision construction.  These will give details of customer events we are also trying to schedule, probably for late July or early August.  If our proposals are acceptable to the community, I would anticipate starting construction at both Hargill Rd and High Hope Street in late September.


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