WINEP (Cullercoats Bay Bathing Water Study)

The Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP), formerly known as the National Environment Programme (NEP), is a national investment programme for all water only and water and wastewater companies. It includes investigations, monitoring, options appraisals and schemes to drive improvements and prevent deterioration and protect the water environment. These commitments form part of each water company’s Asset Management Plan (AMP) and form a set of regulatory obligations which must be delivered. This study will be focusing on Cullercoats Bay.


What will the working hours be?

There will be no construction work at Cullercoats at this stage. In 2021 we will be undertaking a detailed study, but we will require to undertake small localised bore-holes and undertake trial pits as part of the  investigations. This will help to provide data to complete the study.

Will my water supply be affected?

No, your water supply will not be affected

Will the work cause disruption?

There will be minimal disruption, only for undertaking the trial pitting or boreholes, this is only to provide our technical consultants (Esh Stantec) data and information to undertake the study.

Will access to my property be maintained?

Access to your property will not be affected.

How will residents be kept updated?

The WINEP Cullercoats study will be continuously updated on the NWG Comminity Portal providing details as the study progresses. Also the CBWQG will be issuing Communication leaflets and press releases at approriate opportunities to update the public.

Will the site be dangerous?

No, there will not be any construction work through the study period.

What will it look like when the works are complete?

The study will come with recommendions for potential work. The size, scale and extent of what work solution(s) are not understood yet until the study is completed at the end of September 2021.

Will there be dust, vibration and noise?


Will the roads be kept clean during the works?

During the study period there will be no construction work.

What happens on bin collection days if the bin wagon can not get to my property?

There will be no disruption to normal day activities during the study period.

Will I be able to access my drive or directly park outside my property?

There will be no disruption to normal day activities during the study period.

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