Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor (Phase 3)

Northumbrian Water is planning to carry out water and waste-water diversions and modifications of our network in advance of the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor Phase 3. The new dual carriageway which is planned to start in the Summer of 2019, will link the new south side road infrastructure of the Northern Spire bridge to A183 St Mary's Boulevard - A1231 St Michael's Way roundabout. Our supply partners, Esh-MWH will be undertaking this works on our behalf.

Update by Mark Robinson

Afternoon everyone,

Our trial hole works were completed along Farringdon Row on Friday and we have now moved onto the next section, Deptford Terrace. As of early this morning, we set out traffic management to close part of the road between Willowcrete Manufacturing and Go North East bus depot. A diversion route is in place for access to all businesses and premises East of Willowcrete.

Our site team have drove the route this morning to check the diversions are in place and adequate. We will continue to monitor this and ensure signs remain visible as we enter a period of poor weather. 

We started first thing this morning breaking up the road surface and have begun excavating to locate the buried cables and pipes. So far, so good - a route for the pipe is being drawn up as we speak!

Also, you may see we are setting up beside the Queen Alexander bridge, just off Deptford Terrace. This is to allow a connection to an existing water main to be made. A small element of traffic management has been set out to locally narrow the lanes for the safety of our workforce and road users. Please take care as you turn onto Deptford from the A1231. 

If anyone has any queries or concerns regarding any of the work areas or associated traffic management, please don't hesitate to contact myself or one of the project team by using the portal.


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