Blyth - Bates Avenue (Tallie Drive, Blyth)

We are planning work on the sewer network to reduce the risk of flooding and improve the performance of the sewers in Blyth.

Investing in drainage

At Northumbrian Water, reducing the risk of flooding and looking after the environment are two of our top priorities. As part of this commitment, we are investigating solutions to reduce the risk of flooding to a localised area of Blyth.


We invest hundreds of millions of pounds every year to maintain and upgrade our water and sewer networks so we can make sure we provide you with a top quality product and safeguard our water and environment well into the future. Working in partnership to deliver water and sewerage services that meet the needs of current and future generations is one of our top priorities. 

We recognise that, with construction work, noise and traffic disruption is difficult to avoid. Please be assured that we will do our best to reduce any inconvenience to you. 

We want you to receive an outstanding service while we work in your community, and to help us deliver this, we have some guiding principles for our employees and partners.

When our work directly affects you, we will seek your views during the planning stage. 

We will work with the local community and other relevant stakeholders to minimise the impact of what we need to do. 

When working next to your home or business, we will do our best to contact you before the work begins and update you on progress and about any changes that may occur. 

If we need to work on your land or in your property, we will return your land and/or property back to the condition they were immediately before the work began. We will agree this with you before we begin. 

Our employees and partners will always act in a professional, courteous and helpful manner, keep their promises and ensure that any issues are resolved within a reasonable and agreed timescale. 

Your opinion is important to us. We will ask for feedback on the performance of our employees and partners, as well as the impact our work has had on your and your community. 

We will make sure work is carried out safely and that our working areas are secure and tidy. 

We will respond quickly to any enquiries and investigate any concerns you may have about our work without delay.

Work in your Community

Work in a business that supports your community

At Northumbrian Water, we work to make a difference in your community.

Have you considered a career that can help you do the same?

As well as the teams you see working in your streets, we have people doing a wide range of jobs that support that work to deliver the best possible water and sewerage services across the North East.

You can find out more about careers with Northumbrian Water and check out the latest vacancies by following the link below.