Embleton Sewage Treatment Works Upgrade

We are investing over £3 million to improve storm and biological treatment at Embleton sewage treatment works to meet the demands of an increasing population in the Embleton catchment. Our sewage treatment works aid NWL in improving the quality of rivers and coastal waters for the benefit of people, the environment and wildlife.

Update by Kevin McGargle

Good Evening

I hope everyone is enjoying the Easter weather, it certainly has turned for the better lately and with that we have been able to make good progress on site as follows:-

  • Works to the new skip handling area is very much complete of hardstandings and topsoil works ongoing with crash barriers, handrails etc due to be installed imminently
  • The fenced boundary is reinstated and now closed off
  • We have also progressed to reinstate soils over the main field area and will be endeavouring to get this seeded over the next few weeks to establish growth through the summer.
  • Electric cabling & drainage infrastructure installation is ongoing with the new electrical panels due to be delivered 25th April 2022 for the MCC Building
  • Footpaths, staircase and mowing strips ongoing to all areas. 

Works will be ongoing to a target completion of Civil Engineering works by the end of May with process commissioning in June, we will also be demobilising our existing site set up that we have occupied in the farmers land adjacent the works and will be using a more compact "all in one" set up within the works so please be aware of a number of wagons removing the cabins next Monday 25th April 2022 for the 1 to 2 day's. 

I have attached a couple of update photos for your information

Kind Regards

Kevin McGargle

Site Manager

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