Heads Hope Dene, Co. Durham

This project is to reduce the risk of pollution to Head Hope Dene. A range of solutions are being investigated to reduce the risk of pollution caused by flooding from the sewer due to blockages, and land slip. Construction is programmed for 2021/22.


What will the working hours be?

Any investigation work to be carried out will be Monday to Friday 8:00 to 18:00

Will my water supply be affected?


Will the work cause disruption?

Some traffic regulation work requiring traffic management may be required.

Will access to my property be maintained?


How will residents be kept updated?

Through this portal, by letter when we are ready to seek views.

Will the site be dangerous?

Currently we have no plans for construction at this time other than an aspiration to be able to eliminate the risk of polution to Heads Hope Dene.

What will it look like when the works are complete?

Any scheme proposals will attempt to mitigate any construction necessary, in the main, land and highways will be reinstated to as they where prior to construction. Some manhole coevrs may be visible. Any above ground assets may go the a statutory planning process.

Will there be dust, vibration and noise?

Most sewer network contruction involves excavation resulting in dust during dry periods and vibration from the excavations, where we will be close to properties vibration monitoring will be introduced to monitor them and amend our construction method where necessary. Dust suppression can be carried out. Inevitably noise will occur from any construction activity through operation of plant and machinery. We will attempt to operate only through normal working hours, where this can not be maintained acoustic barriers maybe employed and we shall look to use silenced machinery.

Will the roads be kept clean during the works?

We employ road cleaners from time to time as part of our statutory duties to maintain a clean highway.

What happens on bin collection days if the bin wagon can not get to my property?

In this case our site team WILL TAKE your bins from there normal location on bin collection days and take them outside the work, similarly they will return them at the end of that day.

Will I be able to access my drive or directly park outside my property?

There may be occassions when due to the nature of the activity that this is not possible. We will send out timely notifications when this will happen and work with you to mitigate any personal circumstances and assist with parcel deliveries etc.

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