Haydon Bridge

We are currently undertaking a Stage Two Northumbria Integrated Drainage Partnership (NIDP) study in Haydon Bridge.

Stage Two Study

Stage 2 is a diagnostic study where we carry out more in depth survey, investigation and hydraulic model enhancement to address specific issues and develop opportunities at the top priority locations identified in stage 1.

Once we have gathered the survey data it will be checked and incorporated into our existing hydraulic model to develop a project baseline which we can then calibrate to reflect the flooding that has been observed. This stage of our work relies heavily on gathering as much visual information from historic flooding incidents as possible, we always welcome photographs and commentary from residents as this 'on the spot' information can be very valuable in ensuring that our model replicates a closely as possible what happens during a flooding event.

Once we are confident that the model represents the known flooding issues we will carry out a second check on the number of properties that the risk areas affect and carry out an assessment of potential flood damages. We then move on to development of options to reduce flood risk and an assessment of cost of these options.

The final stage of the study is a Cost Benefit Anaylsis, comparing the cost of the proposed options against the benefit that they offer. If we are able to show that the project delivers an appropriate level of benefits this enables us to make applications for joint funding to progress to detailed design and construction. 

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