Wooler Water Treatment Works

As part of our ongoing investment programme and to ensure the highest level of customer service, we are planning to construct a new Water Treatment Works (WTW) at Wooler, Northumberland. It is intended that the new WTW will be located in the town of Wooler, at a site opposite Berwick Road Industrial Estate . The construction is expected to start in spring 2020.

Project updates

Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just a short brief update from last weeks work:-

Treatment building: - The cabling and pipe work continues within the building, externally the stairs and gantry are almost complete. 

We have also added some time lapse photos of the project so you can see how things have developed over the last few months.

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning Everyone,

This weeks update for you:-

Treatment building: -   Work progressed really well as the site team continued installing the cabling within the building and the MCC room, as well as the site pipework plus they installed the backwash tank and the suspended ceiling. 

Contact Tank:-  The stairs, the tank and the weir plates to the tank were installed.

Pump Station:-  All the benching within he chamber was complete and stoned up the area.

Have a great day!





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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning,

Hope you all enjoyed the lovely Spring like weather at the weekend...............but kept safe!

This weeks update from the team:-

Treatment building  -       Our subcontractor continued installing the cabling within the building, we installed the last door on the west side of the building, cabling and analyser boards were fixed and as you can see by the photos the cladding was erected to make the building watertight.

Contact Tank -      All stoned up, shuttered and installed mesh then poured the concrete base for the stairs.

Water Settlement Tank -     The shutters and concreted plinth for decant arm was installed  in the east tank as well as more pipework.  

Thank you all again for your patience.

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning All,

Didn't get an up date in last week so it's a little late........apologies.

Well the weather was rather cruel wasn't it, we were challenged to say the least  with temperatures of -13c, even the generator kept cutting out so there was not welfare for the team. Gary and the team had no power and a frozen water supply and therefore the site was shut every morning from 9.30.

That said some work did happen:-

Deliveries did eventually get through on certain days, internal painting, some cabling and pipework was done albeit limited due to the conditions.

Sorry no photos this week but there will be in the future.

Wow, what a week!

Stay safe and warm everyone.





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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning,

Oh my it's definitely Winter isn't it!!!

This weeks update:-

Treatment building: -

The 1st lift blockwork to the west and north-west of building externally is progressing although the weather is affecting progress however its allowed the skimming of welfare are to be complete a little quicker. The first fix of electrics is done too!

We are continuing to install the cabling within the building and the gantry work is very impressive as the photos shows, they house the cabling. 

The security doors have been installed on the north side.





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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon Folks,

Just been round the site with the Works Manager, it is impressive how things have progressed on in such a short time. 

Treatment Building:-

Our subbie completed the MCC internal blockwork and stripped the scaffold then continued fixing the ceiling and replacement of the roof boards. They finished off the stud walling to the west of the welfare canteen, the painters started the first coat in the building and welfare area. The 1st fix plumbing and electrical has also been completed inside the welfare room and for the toilet block. 

Althought the weather hasn't been too great, it hasn't hindered the progress of the project.

Today we have taken delivery of more site cabins to ensure our subbies and our team remain Covid safe, they are the new ones facing the B6525.



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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning Everyone,

Well what can I say, this crazy weather hasn't stopped the team from "cracking on" with this job.

The valve chamber pipework is all installed and the concrete work is now complete on the main building. The security covers are being fitted to the de-chlorination chambers, and some major components thrust blocks and pipe supports. The security doors to the treatment building have been fit and internal work has now started with the building with the plaster boarding to the kitchen along with the first fix of plumbing.

The weather certainly has been challenging to say the least and the team have certainly risen to that challenge.

Once again here are some photos.

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning & Happy New Year,

Whilst the lockdown is in place, I thought to let you know it's business as usual for us and the team will continue to work adhering to government guidelines and we at MMB pride ourselves on our Health and Safety record as being excellent. However we do ask if you do wish to talk to the team please keep to the 2m distance.

Well this week you can notice the brickwork for the Treatment Building is flying up, the internal steel work is also moving on and its external ground works are taking shape.

We have completed all trackmat and gravel installation to the roof of the contact tank now and the subcontractor has sealed the flooring.

Here are a few photos


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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon,

Hope you are all keeping safe, here is the last update of 2020:-

Treatment building: -

The internal blockwork continues with the 2nd lift to the east side and the subcontractor has started installing the cable tray angle supports on the south side of the building.

Contact tank: -

Started the installation the pedestrian trackmats – 70% complete

Dechlorination chamber: -

Finished the installation on the tank and installed shutters for the walls. Poured the walls with 6.5m3 concrete

So, steady progress this week again, here are some photos of this weeks work. The team will be working up until 22nd then will make everything safe and secure and will leave for the festive break and return on January 4th 2021. 

It's been a crazy year for us all, however, the team wish you all the very best of health and happiness for the new year and for those who celebrate Christmas, a Very Merry Christmas to you. 

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon,

This morning I popped into the Industrial Estate to confirm our hours over the xmas period. We will be shut down with all security measures in place from Tuesday 22 December and will return Monday 4 January 2021.

It was lovely being out and about today even though the weather wasn't so good. 

I will post some new photos by the end of the week to show you things are progressing.

In the meanwhile stay safe.

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